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Drilling mud agitators configuration

Drilling mud agitators are mounted on mud tank top. With shaft and impeller as agitation part in drilling fluid. Keep mud property with necessary solid suspension.

How to configure or design a mud agitator? It is based on mud tank volume, mud property, installation space, which function we need actually.

Drilling mud agitators configuration

For existing mud agitator replacement under same working condition, then we just need to tell manufacturer about old agitator information. Such as power, speed, impeller and shaft size. However, if we configure mud agitator for new mud tank or new client we'd better propose the mixers under standard rule or formula.

There are details on drilling mud agitators configuration. Including shaft length, impeller diameter, impeller blade mode, motor power, and so on. The shaft length is related with impeller diameter. The relation between them is shaft away from tank bottom highs 0.4 times of impeller size.
Drilling mud agitators configuration

If in cleaning tank or removal solids phase, we need canted or flat type impeller. If the tank depth is over 6 ft then we need canted blade impeller anyhow. And if shaft length is over 7 ft, we suggest shaft stabilizer.

Impeller, motor selection we ever introduced on our blog. if you need more information please contact us freely. We are pleased to solve your problem and give you guidance on agitator configuration
Drilling mud agitator impeller

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