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Drilling fluid dewatering benefits and values

The concept of drilling fluids dewatering while drilling, was initially inspired from the need to reduce or eliminate liquid mud disposal. Today, DFD technology is used also to reduce operating cost and improve drilling efficiency. In order to provide bit lubrication and cooling, cuttings removal, and well control, the properties of drilling fluid must be carefully controlled. As cuttings build up in drilling fluid, the weight and viscosity of the drilling uid increases, which in turn increases drag forces on the drill bit slowing the ROP, increases the thickness of wall cake

On the borehole wall, and makes control of the well pressure more difficult. Studies have shown that the lower
the colloidal content in a water-based drilling fluid, the faster the drill bit rate of penetration (ROP). Minimizing colloidal solids lowers the plastic viscosity of drilling fluid, contributing to greater horsepower at the bit. However, removing colloidal solids becomes cost prohibitive, if they are allowed to accumulate and further degrade when continuously recirculated in the drilling fluid.

Drilling fluid dewatering benefits and values

For both environmental and economic
concerns, it is better to reclaim the water
phase of used mud and dispose of only
dry solids than to haul off and dispose of
whole liquid mud. Dewatering systems also
enable water to be reclaimed from used
drilling fluid and subsequently combined
with unused or recirculated drilling fluid
being pumped down the drill pipe and
returned to the surface.

Using reclaimed
water to maintain volume prior to being
recirculated down-hole reduces the costs
associated with transporting clean water to
the well site for such purposes. After water
is separated from used drilling fluid, the
remaining solids for disposal are smaller in
volume and lighter in weight, as compared
to that of the used drilling fluid prior to
dewatering, and can be transported from the well site and disposed at significantly less expense. In most installations, DFD Technology can also provide the additional benefit of eliminating the need for reserve pits, saving valuable room and further reducing operating costs.

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Drilling fluid dewatering