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Drilling cuttings dryer of Aipu solids control

Drilling cuttings dryer of Aipu solids control is the vertical cuttings dryer. Model number is APVCD930. Upon clients' demand, it can be configured with VFD panel for better operation and performance

As nowadays, we are faced with increasing responsibility to protect our earth. Concurrently, government agencies continue to increase the limitations on the discharge of contaminated drill cuttings to the environment. To support the goals of both industry and regulation the Aipu developed cuttings dryer, which is more and more popular

The APVCD under proper operation, the liquid content can be below 5%. And the capacity is up to 30-50t/h. Such equipment is very easy to use and maintain. It is adaptable under harsh environment. Little spare part requested.

Drilling cuttings dryer

Aipu vertical cuttings dryer can be fed by screw conveyor, vacuum system, or a feeding pump. Drill cuttings are fed into hopper and distributed along the inner wall of the screen with the aid of the rotor. Liquid phase or filtrate passes through the screen openings while the vertical scrapers scrape the accumulating cake solids towards the bottom of the VCD for disposal. The centrate gravity flow into a containment tank and is then pumped to a high speed decanter centrifuge for low gravity solids removal. Upon discharge the dried cuttings are then safely discharged to the environment, collected for subsequent treatment, or are staged for offsite disposal. Aipu cuttings dryer significantly improves liquid phase recovery, therefor paying for itself

Aipu vertical cutting dryer is rugged proprietary wedge-wire screen basket designed to reduce blinding and frequent replacement. We are pleased to provide a stand-alone device or as a packaged system that easily integrated with your existing solids control unit. We kindly suggest use screw conveyor for better transferring drilling cuttings to the VCD relatively intact.

Tell us more requirement you have on electricity, the certification, the base frame size, colors, and so on. Please come to Aipu for any interesting or question on drilling cuttings dryer

Drilling cuttings dryer