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Mud cleaner functional description

Hydrocyclone overview

Hydrocyclones convert pressure created by a centrifugal pump into a force used to separate solids from liquid. Centrifugal force is defined as "the force that tends to push materials outward from center of axis" Centrifugal action inside the cones increases the gravitational force on the effluent, which speeds up settling/separation of solids from liquid. In the solids control, we used separate drilling cuttings out of drilling fluid

Hydrocyclone is designed for "balanced" operation certain head pressure. Accurately-sized pumps should meet the head pressure and horsepower requirements of the hydro cyclone assemblies. Size and route liquid discharge(effluent) piping ensures no back pressure is present at hydro cyclone liquid discharge

Drilling mud/fluid is a mixture of liquid & solids rotates rapidly while spiraling downward to the Apex. Both the velocity and the viscosity inside the cones create a force that pushes the fluids and smaller particles upward in a reverse flow direction.

Desander and desilter more information

The mud with less viscosity the separation is more efficient. Usually, the D-Sander will get rid of 95% particles larger than 74 microns and up to 50% of particles between 74 and 40 microns. The 12" cone reduces sand to trace in normal drilling fluid.

Desilter is used to remove silt. It is referred to all particles smaller than sand (74 microns) and larger than colloidal material (about 2 microns). Word "silt" applies here only to size. Solids may actually be shale, limestone, silica sand, barite or any other material of silt size which may be present. D-Silter cone removes nearly all solids larger than 25 microns.

Mud cleaner for mud system

Mud cleaner is designed to concentrate most of the solid circulated through mud system into a volume that can be handled by a fine mesh screen. This results in the mud cleaner offering much finer screening capability than the first phase shale shaker.

Solids discard rate from the hydrocyclones is relatively low compared to the shaker capacity. This enables fine mesh screens to be used, minimizing the fine solids returned to the active fluid system. Based on fluid system flow rate, we can select cones size and quantity. Then confirm proper feeding pump for the cones

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