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Aipu cuttings dryer structure and operation

Aipu cuttings dryer structure

Aipu cuttings dryer is designed as high speed running, and take full account of dynamic balance. For the solid-liquid separation or drying industry. During operation, each rotating parts have been done a dynamic balance to make sure the replace parts don't impact whole equipment balance

Gear box is used to offer differential speed between screen basket and screw conveyor. As the gear box is any integral structure, whole replacement is required. APVCD dryer has independent external circulating oil lubrication system. The lubricating oil pump and filter device are arranged outside the APVCD dryer for easy operation and maintenance.

To ensure sufficient lubrication for gear box and bearings, a pressure control switch and flow control switch is needed in the lubrication system. To ensure the normal lubrication, theses switches are connected with host or alarm

Aipu cuttings dryer operation

Before starting please remove the screen basket, distribution plate tension bolts. Check for any clogging of dewatered  slurry inside and machine through the 3 sight holes on the machine support. Then pull the V-belt or screen basket manually to check for the presence of jamming phenomenon. Check the V-belt for correct tensioning. Check the oil level in oil tank to make sure the oil level is up to the top mark of the oil gage

Start up. Start the oil pump motor and check the oil pressure firstly. After the oil return, start the main motor then start the flushing pump. When the machine is in smooth operation, start the oil knife and start the feeding, increase gradually the feed volume. Observe closely in this period the variation of motor current. When the machine is under operation, never let any iron or wooden pieces or any foreign objects enter the machine

Shut down the dryer. Stop feeding into dryer. When the machine is completely emptied, wash the screen basket with freshwater or clean mud about 3 minutes; open the air knife to clean the basket screen.

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Aipu cuttings dryer structure and operation