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Working principle of drilling mud agitators

Drilling mud agitators general info.

We ever talked many times the drilling mud agitators are used to suspend solids. This equipment will help mix drilling fluid material thoroughly. And the materials will be agitated evenly. To achieve such aims, we need agitator to create an upward speed, which should be quicker than decanter speed of suspending particles. Mixture level of drilling fluid benefits drilling fluid viscosity maintenance

Usually, we use the mechanical mud agitators in drilling fluid tanks. No matter what brand the agitator is, there will be motor, gear box or reducer box, the shaft and impeller. The properly designed agitator aimed to suspend all solid particles evenly. This will help shearing on drilling mud and keep all fluids property at same level.
drilling mud agitators

For oil and gas drilling, we must utilize explosion proof motor, no matter for horizontal or vertical type. Shaft mounted with impeller will be installed on gear box output shaft directly.

Sizing agitator and how to install it

Any equipment should be designed correctly and properly. If any improper configuration or design the equipment will perform worse than it should be

To design an optimal agitator, we need to consider the drilling mud tank or pit size, the tank shape, the tank function, the drilling fluid density / gravity. Based on such confirmed information, the focus will become impeller size, power demand, and so on

Drilling mud agitators use is to produce complete and thorough mixture, so we'd decrease dead corners by more and more. Then we are facing shaft or impeller position. Most time we configure agitator with canted impeller, thus the impeller should be 2/3~3/4 of impeller diameter above bottom. As the axial flow impeller is on high position of tank high liquid level is necessary. High liquid level will prevent fluids to be swirl. 

However, if axial flow impeller installed too low the container will be abraded by strong collision of fluids. Improper installation of impeller will result inefficient mixing and bad drilling fluid property.
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Mud tanks impact agitators

We found when drilling mud agitator mounted on the symmetrical circle tank or square tank the agitation effect is at best level. Circle tank is ideal one, there are many reasons including there is less dead corner. Furthermore, circle tank is more easier to clean. As they are symmetrical the mixing will be more complete and better. 

However, compared to square tank, round ones will occupy more space with same capacity. Moreover, circle tank will cost much more than square mud tanks.

Mud tanks request mud agitator on every compartment, except the sand trap or shaker compartment. However, if there is special reason for no agitator we may consider to install a mud gun will help much too.

drilling mud agitators