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Impellers of well drilling mud agitators

Well drilling mud agitators are driven by motor and geared with reducer box. The gear box output shaft will be connected with agitator shaft. Impeller will be mounted on shaft, the power is from motor and transferred via gear box to impeller.

Impeller structure depends on what function we need to achieve and the tank shape. In general, there are radial and axial impeller. This described flow type produced in the tank or compartment. Sometimes, impeller can be as little as two, but for oilfield drilling mud process we use 4 or more impeller.

To meet economic demand and fluid features, impeller can be stainless steel or carbon steel one. Impeller blade can be flat or canted, and so on. Blade can be welded on a round plate or bolted on a flat plate.

well drilling mud agitators

The radial flow impeller

Vertically installed impeller produces radial fluid flow means impeller and agitator shaft is in the same line. In radial flow, impeller will agitate drilling mud under horizontal circulation. Under ideal situation, fluid will travel upward once contacts the tank wall and maintain uniform suspension evenly. When used alone, radial flow impeller should be installed close to bottom with about 300mm distance.

To make sure materials in whole mud tank agitated thoroughly mud tank depth should be designed less than 1.83m. Radial flow impeller will be installed a bit higher, so there are 2 fluid travel zone. One is over impeller, the other is below impeller. If there is a boundary between them means different agitation efficiency. Please solve such problem and check the proper installation position of impeller.

Axial flow impeller

Blade on impeller is designed with angle. Typical one is 45~60 degree. Such impeller produces axial flow movement. Rotation of impeller will boost flow to move as axial travel. Axial flow impeller will push fluid from tank top to bottom. Then from bottom to tank wall, finally to tank top. This is a circulation.

Drilling mud agitator

When used alone, such impellers installed within 2/3~3/4 of impeller diameter off bottom. As rotation of impeller, fluid will still move under axial travel. Under most situation, axial flow and radial flow movement will mix fluid completely. When the drilling mud tank deeps over 1830mm we need other types axial flow impeller and request every hard shaft holding 2 or more impellers.

If you need more details on mud agitator and impeller, please contact Aipu solids control.

well drilling mud agitators