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Drilling cuttings solids control for oil well drillings

Drilling cuttings solids control will help us get clean drilling fluid to reuse. During well drillings, solids in drilling mud will be removed by process system. Then we'll feed additive to ensure drilling fluid achieve certain properties.

What is drilling cuttings

Drilling cuttings is the drilled solids during well drilling. It is produced along with drilling in ground. We know, drilling fluid will bring the cuttings/solids to ground. Drilling fluid will pass through shale shaker prior to flow into circulation tank. Almost shale shaker will be driven by vibration motor and fit with S.S shaker screen panel

Shaker will filter drilled solids larger than screen hole out. Usually, drilling cuttings must be controlled at a lower density.
Drilling cuttings solids control

Drilling cuttings solids control equipment

Solids control equipment is also referred to solids removal equipment or cuttings management equipment. Its function is to remove drilled solids in fluid circulation system. Shale shaker is the first device to separate cuttings out. It is the first defense of solids during well drilling. There are also many downstream equipment to cooperate with it

Such as the gumbo removers, scalper shaker, shale shaker, drying shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge, and so on. These equipment can be variously configured together to achieve different separation size.

Besides the main solids control equipment, auxiliary equipment operation is necessary. Such as mud agitator, drilling mud mixing gun, mixing hopper, mud gas separation, degasser and centrifugal pump. All equipment in surface system operation should be legal and proper.
Drilling cuttings shale shaker

Drilled solids removal effect

Good solids removal should begin from drilling bits. Drilled cuttings should be removed completely from formation. These cuttings should b transported to the surface with as little disintegration as possible. In addition to the cuttings produced by the drill bit, slivers or chunks or rock from the well-bore walls also enter the drilling fluid stream.

Drilling mud system or solids control system will bring much benefits. Such as suspend cuttings and remove them, control formation pressure and maintain well-bore stability, cool, lubricate drilling bits,  and so on. Final result is save drilling cost

We talked many times about drilled-solids control. The drilling cuttings solids control lead us better well drilling at lower cost. Please contact Aipu solids control for more information on solids control.

Drilling cuttings solids control