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Well drilling dryer shaker functions and more detail

Well drilling dryer shaker or the drying shale shaker is linear motion type shaker. It can be used to minimize the liquid volume of drilled cuttings discharged from shaker and hydrocyclones. The liquid of drilling fluids or drilling mud discharged from dryer shaker can be reused in circulation system.

Dryer shaker is used in closed loop circulation system or in the system to decrease liquid waste work place. Actually, there are chemical and mechanical way to reduce liquid discharge. Mechanical method is linear motion shaker operation, while chemical method is the dewatering unit. Two methods can be used separately or together.

Well drilling dryer shaker

Dewatering system is usually utilized flocculate, coagulate material, thus there is colloidal solids, effect on drilling mud property must be considered.

Well drilling dryer shaker can be operated together with any equipment. Such as primary linear motion shaker, desander, desilter and so on. After such equipment combination, drilled solids discharged will be processed again via one linear motion shaker with screen finer than API200. Then the associated liquid will be recycled from solids.

Linear motion drying shaker benefits extra liquid remove. The velocity of fluid on dryer shaker is slower than fluid flows on main shale shaker. Under slower velocity, finer screen will get rid of more liquid.
Well drilling mud cleaner
The drying shaker can be used to remove excess fluid of underflow from hydrocyclone.  Such assemble generates mud cleaner or mud cleaner system. Under such combination, dryer shaker can be used to process weighted fluid or un-weighted drilling fluids. Recycled liquid from drying shaker set behind cyclone can be treated again by decanter centrifuge.

Well drilling dryer shaker