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Drilled solids and solids control during well drilling

Solids control is a method to maintain drilling mud or drilling fluids. The solids control system including 4 phase equipment to get rid of different size particles.

Shape of drilled solids frequently makes screening difficult. On single layered shaker screen, the solids slightly larger than screen opening will wedge in hole and decreases efficient screen area. Furthermore, the solid particles is easy to stick together. This will lead openings blocked. Solid particle size will impact shaker flow rate no matter it's single layer or multiple layer

solids control during well drilling

Drilled solids including large drilled solids sized over 440microns, and the sand , silt, clay, colloidal. The colloidal may including the barite or bentonite as drilling mud or fluid material. Based on API designation of solids, from fine to coarse there are colloidal range, clay range or colloidal, silt range (fine solids), sand range( medium solids), the large drilled solids or intermediate and coarse solids

Cater for different size and shape solids, there are shale shaker, desander separator, desilter separator, centrifuge, high speed centrifuge or under chemically assistance You know the diameter of the solids are ranged from 0.000021" to 0.018". At certain stage operate special solids control equipment is rather critical for whole well drilling project

Unstable well bore will produce large quantity cuttings as well. Most of drilled solids  out of borehole is from side not at borehole bottom. Drilling bits will grind cuttings to be very fine that request finer filtration or separation

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