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Different quality level shaker screens configuration

Shaker screens configuration including support frame, punched plate, screen cloth. Aipu shaker screen plate made from high quality national standard cold rolled sheet. The screen cloth are high quality S.S wire mesh of S.S304 at least. And the Ni content is not less than 9.

The square tube are from famous brand steel factory in China. With thicker wall and better strength. Also coating material, and glue materials are high quality with high stickness and brightness. 

We face many clients complaint "Your Aipu screen price is much higher". Frankly speaking, quality is not the only issue affects price but it is main issue. And the quality comes from raw material, technique, reliability, and so on. We also can provide you screen priced USD50/PC. Honestly speaking, the S.S screen will not be S.S304 with high Ni content as high priced one. And the woven pattern of wire mesh is different too

Furthermore, we provide OEM and ODM services. Quality package and heavy duty sea worthy with customization design. All service is inclusive in the quotation we offered.

Please do trust, different quality request different cost and price. Different price and cost are led by different level material. Thus the screens quality, performance will definitely be various.

If you focus on quality itself, you'll find it is worthy of it. If you focus on instant effect and cost saving, you'll get the certain leveled screen. Please feel free to contact Aipu for more detail or any interest.

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