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Shaker screen use and additional equipment for solids control

Since the development of the drilling industry, the process for removing drill solids from the drilling fluid has culminated in the use of shaker screens as the primary or sole solution. It is, there- fore, necessary to optimize both filtration efficiency and the screen life to hinder drilled solids from entering the drilling fluid.

Optimum solids control can be obtained by using knowledge of how damage to the filtration cloth arises, of how to reduce it, and of how the particles in the circulation system influence the general picture of the drilling process. When this knowledge is accepted, established, and implemented in the drilling industry, it is possible to maintain efficient drilling.

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Knowing how wear arises on the shaker screen cloth will increase the solids removal efficiency and reduce screen wear. Different screen configuration, drilling fluid used will affect screen performance and life too.

Correct use of solids-control equipment is essential to maintain drilling fluid within its desired properties and to avoid generation of unnecessary waste streams during drilling. Since early 1930s, shale shakers have been dominant device for primary solids removal. Additional equipment such as D-sand, Desilters, and centrifuges were often used in the past to maintain proper solids control
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Removal of solids with a particle diameter larger than 120 to 150 microns can be achieved witout problems on most shakers today by the application of the correct screen size.

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