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Oilfield hydrocyclones separator design and operation

Oilfield hydrocyclones are used to make hydrocyclone separator. The desander, desilter, and mud cleaner. Popular sizes including 4", 8", 10", 12". Different size cone hold different flow rate or capacity. Cones equal to or larger than 6" are called desander cone, smaller than 6" are desilter cone

Installation of hydrocyclones

Install enough hydrocyclones to process 100 percent of the mud volume entering the hydrocyclone suction compartment or to handle the maximum solids loading, whichever is larger. Use correct fluid routing with bottom equalization is necessary, too. Cones overflow should be returned to the next compartment downstream from the hydrocyclone suction compartment.

Oilfield hydrocyclone discharge compartment must back flow to hydrocyclone pump suction compartment. This should be accomplished by an opening at the bottom of the partition between the two compartments.
Oilfield hydrocyclones

Hydrocyclones operation

Operate hydrocyclones in spray discharge, not rope discharge. Rope discharge is less effective at drilled solids removal and causes more wear and plugging problems. Roping cones can be corrected by opening up the cone apexes, adding more cones or running finer shaker screens.

Clean hydrocyclones with plugged inlets and apexes immediately. Smaller hydrocyclones are much more susceptible to plugging. To prevent severe plugging problems with 2 inches hydrocyclones. Make sure most of the API sand-sized particles and the larger of API Silt-sized solid are removed by some bombination of fine mesh screens, Desander cone, and Desilter cone.

Tips during hydrocyclone separator running

Do not bypass the shale shaker or operate with torn screens. When large solids plug the hydrocyclone underflow, this indicates some of the drilling fluid did not pass through shaker screens. Install centrifugal pumps for cones feeding with flooded suctions. If necessary, install centrifugal pump suction screens to keep out trash and large solids

Basics of efficient oilfield hydrocyclones installation are really quite simple. Adherence to above practical operating guidelines will dramatically improve the efficiency of many installations. In following posts, we'll introduce the mud cleaners for your more reference.

Oilfield hydrocyclones