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Mud gun on mud tank for drilling mud mix

Mud gun on mud tank is a special equipment to agitate drilling mud during fluids processing. Mud guns can be designed with different configuration. The nozzle size, nozzle number, the pressure we need, can be rotated or not

Aipu solids control is professional manufacturer on mud guns. This year, we've delivered over 100 sets high pressure mud gun. Such mud guns were designed as 6.4Mpa. They were equipped with high pressure gate valve. Our mud guns on mud tank have solved clients problem on mixing mud at dead corner.

Mud gun on mud tank
Our customers are very happy with our mud gun quality and performance. They usually operate mud gun together with mud agitator. And almost of them prefer 3 nozzles. Cause, we know the swivel below tank top will be on the position of gun inlet line.

If there are 3 nozzles, the mud gun is real 360°. If only 1 nozzle, the rotation may be between 270~360°. But, mud guns do help much on mix drilling mud thoroughly by spraying mud/fluids in mud tank. Mud guns are connected with specific mud lines. Usually, we confirm mud gun length is rom inlet center line to the nozzle cent line. And the inlet line center to tank internal top is about 200mm, the nozzle center to the tank internal bottom is about 150mm.

We know, mud guns are usually operated together with mud agitators. So, suggest, every 3 meters set1 mud gun. The higher pressure will perform better on blending or mixing mud completely. However, the cost and raw material requirement is higher.

Aipu is able to produce the mud gun with maximum 3000psi pressure. All the materials are adaptable for high pressure and with long service life. Such as the national high quality seamless tube, the seal, gasket, and so on. Furthermore, Aipu mud gun nozzle is made of high quality polyurethane. It is rather anti-corrosive and durable. 

Please feel free to contact Aipu solids control for more detail on mud guns.

Mud gun on mud tank