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Double decked shaker and mud cleaner at Aipu

Double decked shale shaker and mud cleaner are with two decks on shaker basket. Usually, for upper deck screen we suggest coarser screen as scalping separation or removal, the secondary deck will be fit with finer screen panel. 

But some client or users will prefer upper finer with low deck coarser screen panels. It may depend on different working condition or the certain use.

Compared with single deck shaker, the whole screen area of double deck shale shaker is much larger. Furthermore, the double decked mud cleaner can be treated as four in one but only only 3 in one. That means the feeder box or the buffer box connection with shaker basket could be designed differently

Double decked shaker

Presently, Aipu solids control popular double decked shaker are Hunter-MG4 and Hunter-D3. Clients prefer the Hunter-MG4 since large screen area and interchangeable screen panels with famous Mongoose one. The Hunter-D3 is more popular used in civil construction-HDD or Tunneling, and so on

For double deck shaker and mud cleaner, we kindly suggest use same dimension screen panel. That makes easy maintenance and repair. But they can be different type and opening size. For example, we have users request both S.S screen and polyurethane screen. Considering different separation use, they will utilize different mesh size on screen panels

Please feel free to contact Aipu solids control for more detail. Or you need price on such items? Call us now for special discount!

Double decked shaker mud cleaner