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Aipu solids Desander and Desilter design

Desander, Desilter at Aipu solids control are the separators made by polyurethane hydrocyclone and pipelines. They are widely used in drilling mud process. Desander is 2nd phase solids control equipment after shaker. Desilter will be the 3rd one after Desander and prior to centrifuge

Aipu solids control can provide different design on desander and desilters. Please find below more detail

Desander and Desilter without bottom shaker

Desadner and dsilter are made of the hydrocyclone and pipelines. Including the feed line and overflow head. Thus in the cone inside the separation and solids removal will be finalized. Some clients will just request cones and pipes with on bottom shaker. Such design will request no replacement screen and need lower cost.
Desander and Desilter design

The drilling fluid transferred to cone feed inlet by centrifugal pump. Solids with heavier gravity in the swirl will be sprayed out of cones. And the clean fluids will flow back to overhead line to mud tank. If no bottom shaker, there is a discharge chute extends to tank side

Hydrocyclone separator with bottom shaker

Upon clients' preference, the bottom shaker can be mini one or the common standard shaker. With mini shaker, the separator is very compact and suitable for tank with constrain space. Bottom fine screen will help to get more dry and clean discharge from drilling fluid

The mini bottom shaker screen is usually 600mm wide and strap by hook below screen. The small vibration motor will help solids remove and discharge out of drilling fluid. Some fine solids not separated out at primary shaker, and may can be get rid of cone, the bottom screen will be a double insurance for coarser solid removal.

Common standard shaker set below cones will give users better further purification on drilling mud. The large screen area will help get thorough solids removal in drilling fluids. Such design will request sufficient installation space on tank. Also higher budget than small bottom shaker.
Solids control desander

For almost mud system, we'll suggest combination of shaker, desander, desilter. This is the typical configuration and also compact design. The cones can be customized per mud pump flow rate. Furthermore, we can design valves on cones to adjust treating capacity per actual drilling condition

Please feel free to contact Aipu for more detail. On the desander, desilter, mud cleaner and other solids control equipment

Desander Desilter