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ZJ70 Rig solids control system delivery

ZJ70 Rig solids control system was delivered yesterday. As user confirmed the drilling site location to lay complete rig and auxiliary equipment. This system including complete line equipment, such as shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, pumps, agitator, tanks, and so on

ZJ70 Rig solids control system delivery

The shale shaker for this system is the dual motion driven by 3 motors. It is easily shifted between linear motion and BEM. The shaker screen area is up to 2.74sq.m screen panels are easy to replace and install. The sealing rubber under panel is a channel shape for convenient install and replacement, too

Vacuum degasser is the ZCQ300 set ahead of the mud cleaner. Also the degasser was connected with a flare ignition pipe to burn toxic gas for safe and healthy condition.

Mud cleaner is dual motion, too. The desilter cones are fit on a circle manifold with ball valve for convenient flow rate control and replacement if any part failed. And this mud cleaner can be used as the third shaker for this system. As there is a pass between cone and shaker deck. User can decide to use it as 3 in 1 or 4 in 1.
ZJ70 Rig solids control system delivery

There are 2 set decanter centrifuge for the ZJ70 rig mud system. One is middle speed, the other is high speed centrifuge. Centrifuge pumps are the submersible slurry pump. As we know slurry pump rarely request spare parts. 

Mud mixing hopper pump is dual tandem one. Mud agitators are high quality helical bevel gearbox driven. More durable and reliable for big tank volume and heavy density mud.

There are totally 6 modular in this solids control system. The active tanks, mixing tanks and reserve tanks, also the divider tank for shaker and cleaner. We finished 3 such system in about 55 days. please find some picture as your reference

ZJ70 Rig solids control system