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ZJ20 rig solids control system delivery

ZJ20 rig solids control system is for water well drilling. Flow rate is about 90m³/h. We proposed one 10" desander and six 4" cone. The bottom shaker is fit with 750x900mm steel framed panel. 

There are 2 mud tank overall dimension is about 10000x2200x2200mm. One is for drilling mud process with shale shaker, mud cleaner, feeding pump and mud agitator, the other is for mud mixing/blending, and reserve. There is a jet mud mixer on tank skid. Please find pictures for more reference.

ZJ20 rig solids control system

This system is for an engineering company. They sign the contract with development company and undertake the drilling and service business. Their business is mainly on different drillings. Including water well drilling, geothermal well drilling, and so on

We've cooperated with them over 3 years. They've placed order on 4 sets system for their project. Those are repeat orders and they are satisfied with our product, as well as service.Now the system have arrived at job site, we have despatched engineers for commissioning. Against successful running, we'll get another repeat order in coming 5 month.
ZJ20 rig solids control mud cleaner

Please feel free to contact us if you have same demand. Trust you'll get optimal solutions

ZJ20 rig solids control system