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Dual motion shale shaker driven by 3 motors delivered

Dual motion shale shaker is the shaker holding dual vibration mode or tracking mode. Famous brand dual motion shaker is Mongoose PT and Mongoose Pro. Aipu produce high quality dual motion shaker, too

Dual motion shakers were delivered to CNPC drilling site last days. They placed repeat orders on about 10 set such shaker. Compared to other clients, this user prefer the 3 motor driven shaker. Dual motion can be shifted easily by press buttons on control panel.

Dual motion shale shaker

Please find picture for more reference. The dual motion shaker designed with lighter weight and convenient operation features. Light weight will help to enhance shaker efficiency and filtration performance. The screen panels are composite framed. Easy to install and replace. Also they hold longer service life even over 500 hours. 

Compared to other manufacturers, Aipu provide higher manufacture efficiency and better accuracy. All main plates on shaker will be cut by laser cutting machine. Strict welding and inspection on produce ensure the high durability. Famous vibrator motor from Martin/Oli/Ital-Vibras.
Dual motion shale shaker driven by 3 motors
Upon different clients' preference there will be DNV, TUV, LR or CCS certification. On the main structure, the lifting parts.

For the dual motion shaker, it can be customized on many issues. Such as the color. It can be orange, red, green or blue. For the motor electric system, it can be 380V, 460V, or even 575V. Control panel mounted on the shaker is made by famous brand WAROM with top brand components-SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER.

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Dual motion shale shakers