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Repeat order on solids control equipment to Russia

Solids control equipment made by Aipu solids control are highly appreciated by clients. Including end user and the trading company. Delivered items including the double decked shale shaker, vacuum degasser, the hydrocyclone desander, desilter, the mud agitator, and so on

Double decked shale shaker is custom built item for this client. They appreciate our shaker quality and cost-effectiveness. From last 4 years they've cooperated with us. Placed many repeat orders on whole mud system, on separated mud equipment. From shale shaker, to the mud tanks

solids control equipment to Russia

Furthermore, they have lower budget on the whole project, so they decided the sufficient configuration but necessary process on drilling fluid system. Such as the desander and desilter, they selected the separator with mini bottom shaker. The less maintenance and operation cost are highly appreciated by user

For the mud agitators, they insisted on the worm and worm wheel geared one. With the installation plate provide convenient positioning on tank top. The frozen weather request higher durability material. The main materials are made of carbon steel with higher grade to resist cold temperature
Repeat order on solids control equipment
Sincerely appreciate clients' long time trust and support. This lot equipment may arrive there in 40 days as they will wait for other items from other suppliers. They are very happy with our manufacture efficiency and our product quality. Now, there are other orders under discussing. Hopefully we get confirmation by end of next year.

By the MIOGE we'll meet our client for future lasting cooperation.  If you need more detail on delivered items please leave comment below or contact us by email and call.

solids control equipment