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Different operation on decanter centrifuge for drilling mud

Decanter centrifuge including middle speed and high speed ones. Different speed separate different size cuttings. Generally, centrifuges separate 2-7 microns solids out of drilling mud. In some mud system we set 2 set centrifuge for solids removal and barite recovery

If we set 2 centrifuge, there are one middle speed, and high speed centrifuge. They can be used in parallel for common mud process, also in barite recovery mode. If in barite recovery mode, first centrifuge will be fed by the first pump from active tank and operates a low G- force to remove barite fraction and allow this fraction to flow back in the active system

Decanter centrifuge

The overflow of the first centrifuge will be fed with the second pump into second centrifuge which operated at high G-force to remove low gravity solids to be discharge. So, if user have such demand the design and set up of the system will have to be such that switching from parallel mode to barite recovery mode can be easily carried out.

Actually, we know such switch can be realized via control panel or the VFD panel. The screw pump or centrifuge feeding pump should be operated at same frequency, too

The decanter centrifuges can not be used in solids control, but also in sludge treatment and dewatering unit. The dewatering and sludge treatment both request 3000rpm or higher speed.

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Decanter centrifuge