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Mud gas separators for oil and gas well drilling

Mud gas separators are a "kick" equipment to get rid of entrained gas during well drilling. It is also referred to poor boy degasser or gas buster. The vertical and high stand circular tank. It can help much on blow out by maintaining pressure in drilling fluids

Aipu is professional manufacturer on mud gas separator. We set mud gas separator before shale shaker. Drilling fluids with gas flow out of choke manifold to degasser vessel on tangential direction. Under gravity, pressure, expansion some of the gas will be separated out of drilling fluid initially

Mud gas separators for oil and gas well drilling
Under collision between fluid and baffle plate, the bubbles will break down and gas get removed again. Free gas then flow to safe area via over 50m vent line. Flare ignition device is connected with vent line to burn the gas. Gas cut drilling fluid will then flow into feeder box of shale shaker

There are different type of fluid discharge pipe. One is closed another is opening. Closed type is mounted with a pneumatic butterfly valve, when internal liquid level is same as rated the valve will open to discharge liquid. When fluid is lower than rated value valve will close then. Such design will prevent fluid with gas discharge to fluids system directly.
Poor boy degasser

Furthermore, we also provide different configuration on vessel diameter. The popular vessel size are 1000mm and 1200mm. Some clients will request 800mm and 1400mm. Pleased to say, we can provide you the custom built service per your detail demand.

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Mud gas separators