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Centrifuge pump selection and operation

Centrifuge pumps can be screw pump or submersible slurry pump. Different users have different demand and requirements on centrifuge pump.

Submersible slurry pump is vertical type save space and cost. It is set in the desilter tank and pump fluid after de-silted. Submersible slurry pump is more popular since the easy maintenance and lower cost. Usually, for middle speed centrifuge with 30KW main motor request 7.5KW driven slurry pump. For the high speed or larger power centrifuge, we suggest 11KW pump.

Centrifuge pump selection and operation
If we need centrifuge can be used as purification equipment also the barite recycling equipment then we need the belt driven or the VFD panel. VFD control panel should control both centrifuge and the feeding pump. Thus we'll enjoy better performance per our demand

Screw pump compared to submersible slurry pump, it is higher price. But its efficiency and the durability on special materials are better than slurry pump. We know screw pump can be made of stainless steel 304, even to S.S316L. And the wearing parts are rotor and stator. However, such items are hard to wear and easy to replace

Considering the long time operation and lasting cost, screw pump holding better cost-efficiency than submersible slurry pump. 

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