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High speed centrifuge for waste management system

High speed centrifuge in drilling waste management is mainly used to process particles sized 2-5 microns. To meet whole waste process unit flow rate, the centrifuge will be VFD by electrical control panel or mechanical accessory. Usually we suggest APGLW355X1258 high speed centrifuge. When clients have demand on higher flow rate or efficiency we'll suggest APGLW450X1250 or even larger one.

High speed centrifuge
VFD Centrifuge will provide a reliable operation and stable performance. When centrifuge rotates at high speed up to 3800rpm, the discharge volume will be smaller and the separation point will be finer. So we simply say higher speed finer particles removal, also smaller treating capacity

High speed centrifuge here will be fed by progressive pump/screw pump. The waste discharged from drying shaker will be transferred into decanter centrifuge for further dewatering and solids removal
Drying shaker
There are different configuration for drilling fluid waste management. For oil base mud and water base mud. For water base mud there are different proposals, too. We can use the filter press, we can use the flocculant and coagulant. The inline mixer and dosing pump will be important auxiliary equipment

However, the key part is the centrifuge. For Aipu drilling waste management we suggest containerized proposal for convenient handling no matter the plant or drilling site will be satisfied.

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high speed centrifuge