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Solids Control Equipment

Solid Control Equipment is also called drilling mud cleaning equipment, which used for controlling the solids by mechanical separation method to keep the balance of drilling mud. Solids control equipment including first phase primary solids control using the drilling fluids shale shakers to separation drilling solids upper of 100 microns. The second phase solids control equipment is called desanders for separation of drilling solids upper of 40 microns, which is made from one number 10 inch desander cones for 500GPM solids control system, two number of 10 inch desander cones for 1000 GPM solids control system, and 3 desander cones for 1500 GPM. The third phase solids control equipment is the hydrocyclone desilters for drilling cuttings upper 20 microns, which is a number of 4 inch desilter cones, for scarce capacity of solids control system from 500 GPM to 1500 GPM.

With the development of environmental protection, the closed loop solids control system is increasingly popular, after solids control equipment handling, the drilling cuttings should be further treated by drilling waste management equipment like vertical cuttings dryer, linear motion drying shaker. Drilling fluids ultra fine solids should be separate by chemically enhanced dewatering system to clean the drilling fluids to make is restricted to resue.

Aipu is solids control equipment company, which manufacturer all series mud solids control and drilling waste management equipment. We focus on it.