Aipu oilfield services cooperate with famous university in China to develop the oilfield fracture fluid management. It is associated with chemical feeding, desorption, concentration part. It's easy to set up, operate, transport with lower cost.


Model Capacity(m³/h) Style Oil cotent after processed Suspended solids after processed
Y155 5 Skid/ trailer mounted ≤20mg/l or  ≤50mg/l ≤20mg/l or  ≤50mg/l
Y110 10 Skid/
trailer mounted
Y120 20 Skid/
trailer mounted
Y130 20 Handing center

Features and benefits

  • No need to brush unit again and again.
  • System controlled by PLC.
  • Skid mounted with lower cost and higher efficiency.
  • Construction handling center for higher capacity.
  • Flexible for transportation with skid or trailer mounted.
  • Containerized system with heat preservation.
  • Easy to operate and maintains. Only 2 people requested during operation.
  • Flexible hose with fast connector between system provide convenient installation.
  • Saved flocculation precipitation time, suspension time, filtration time.
  • High-efficient handling center is holding special ability of catching flocculation.
  • solid so all dirty fluids flow  through it will be purified at a maximum level.