Mud agitator is used in the surface mud tank to suspend solids and maintain a homogeneous mixture throughout the mud solids control system

A mechanical agitator is driven by an explosion-proof motor coupled to a gearbox that drives the impeller & shaft. The impellers transform mechanical power into fluid circulation or agitation. The objective is to achieve a uniform suspension of all solids.

Solids control mud agitators are the mud mixers on mud tanks. Including the horizontal and vertical type. That is meant by motor mounting direction. Nowadays, more and more users prefer the helical bevel geared agitator. Why? The helical bevel gear box will be more stable and reliable than the helical worm and wheel gearbox.

We hear the motors vary from each other as well. Such as30 HP motor of 380V/50Hz/3Ph and 4 poles. For mud process, usually we request agitator rotate at 60~70 rpm, thus we'll find proper gearbox with certain reduction ratio. (Of course, the rated speed was calculated well prior to model selection under torque demand, and so on).

For example, if we require shaft rotates 62 rpm with 1450 rpm motor, then the gearbox reduction ratio should be about 23:1. While if we request shaft rotates 13 rpm with 730 rpm motor, then the reduction box should hold reduction ratio at about 56:1.

Aipu produce agitator with worm and wheel gearbox, also the agitator with helical bevel gear box. The high performance, efficiency, and quality is appreciated much among clients. Helical bevel geared agitator will transfer more efficient to shaft save more energy than common worm and wheel gearbox. No matter for horizontal or vertical agitator, there is helical bevel gearbox available.

Large torque mud agitator will help much on mixing drilling fluid thoroughly, especially when there is large quantity mud with big gravity.

Model APMA5.5 APMA7.5 APMA11 APMA15
Motor 5.5KW(7.5hp) 7.5KW(10hp) 11KW(15hp) 15KW(20hp)
Impeller Speed 60/72RPM 60/72RPM 60/72RPM 60/72RPM
Single Impeller 850mm 950mm 1050mm 1200mm
Dual Impeller N/A   Up:800mm Up:850mm Up:950mm
Down:800mm Down:850mm Down:950mm
Ratio 25:01:00 25:01:00 25:01:00 25:01:00
Dimension 870×600×480mm 906×600×480mm 1075×650×525mm 1170×720×565mm
Shaft Length Depends on tank depth
Power System 380V/50HZ,460V/60HZ (Customer built)
Remark Explosion proof motor is available, shaft stabilizer is available

Main Features

  • Famous brand motor and gearbox
  • FAG, SKF or other top brand bearing
  • SOG oil seal
  • Flexible configuration
  • Custom built service available
  • Compact and small footprint

How To Choose Mud Agitator

  • Tank size: Mud tank size or dimension
  • Type: Vertical type or horizontal type
  • Torque level:Large torque for heavy mud or not
  • Professional consultation: Come to supplier for professional solution

Vertical Agitator 3D Model