Centrifugal degasser, also called atmospheric Degasser is a highly efficient equipment that remove gas from the gas cut mud by accelerating the fluid through a submerged centrifugal pump's impeller. APLCQ300 centrifugal degassers|atmospheric degassers has many advantages although the treating efficiency is practically the same which is above 85%. Normally degasser is installed after shale shaker and widely used in various solids control system, and it is very important for recovering mud weight, stabilize mud viscosity performance, reduce drilling cost.

APLCQ300 centrifugal degasser|atmospheric degasser accepts any fluid weight or mud viscosity while the simple switch operation is granted rapid startup and shutdown. The rugged bowl and custom impeller extend part life.At start-up, drilling fluid enters the submerged impeller and travels up to the elevated spray tank. A circular disc (splash plate) turns the fluid into a high-velocity sheet that strikes the wall of the bowl with enough force to separate the gas from the fluid. The degassed fluid then flows downstream through a discharge pipe.

Degasser Technical Parameters

Model APLCQ300
Liquid Inlet Size 20″
Liquid Outlet Size 6″
Gas Outlet Size 2″
Max Liquid Throughput 300m3/h
Max Gas Removed 30m3/h
Main Motor 22Kw
Fan Motor 1.1Kw
Weight 1400kg
Dimension 1150×1054×3110mm

The design and operation of APLCQ300 centrifugal degassers|atmospheric degassers are simple and effective. Drilling mud falls within the submerged pump of the degasser through spiraled inlets (20"), in a whirling motion. This action, enhanced with an inlet impeller, maintains a void around the shaft that avoids the pump from gas locking. The fluids will stay at a level higher than the gas cut drilling fluid and then a cylindrical liquid layer with inverted cone shape space in the middle will be formed. Drilling fluid is discharged from discharge port along a tangent line. With the impeller rotating, bubble breaks, gas will be extracted from liquid, and finally accumulate in the cone shape space as the lower density. Pressurizing unit(similar to exhaust fan) will suck air through the narrow channel between the air distribution disk and air separation ring into the discharge cone, and then gas manifold, braided hose and pressurized device to pressuring unit, finally discharge the gas out through pressuring device with pressure. The degassed fluid collects at the base of the spray tank and is drawn from the discharge trough to the next pit. The gas escapes through the top of the spray tank and dissipates into the atmosphere.

Main Features

  • 1. The material of impeller is stainless steel with highly anticorrosion.
  • 2. Maximum water flow of 300 cubic meters per hour.
  • 3. Accepts any drilling fluid weight or mud viscosity.
  • 4. Simple operation,easy to maintenance.
  • 5. No cleaning - drilling fluid flow removes sand and cuttings.
  • 6. Customization to fit pit area is available.