Screw conveyor is designed to delivery drilling cuttings and feed to vertical cuttings dryer or High G dryer for further treatment. Usually, the screw diameter has 4 options : 10 inch, 12inch, 16 inch, 20 inch; screw length is customer built too, but commonly there are 12~48feet. Furthermore, depends on clients’demand the screw conveyor will be made of different materials. Including carbon steel, stainless steel graded differently.


Screw conveyor is also referred to Auger feeder. They can be used as the transfer unit of drilling cuttings to cuttings dryer, also the unit to transfer disposal to cuttings tank or collection container. The length can be custom built according to actual working condition

Technical Parameters

Model Screw Conveyor Dia.(mm) Conveyor Length (mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Speed(rpm)
APLS250 250 Custom Design 20 7.5 60
APLS200 300 25 11
APLS400 400 30 11
APLS500 500 50 15