Desander is solids control equipment with a set of desander cyclone to separate sand from drilling mud in drilling rigs. Desander is installed on top of the mud tank following the shale shaker and vacuum degasser but before desilter. The desander removes the abrasive solids around 45-74 micron.

Technical Parameters

Model APCS60 APCS90 APCS120 APCS200 APCS240 APCS320
Cpacity 60m³/h 90m³/h 120m³/h 200m³/h 240m³/h 320m³h
Desander Cone 200x2(8"x2) 250x1(10"x1) 250x2(10"x2) 250x3(10"x3)
Working Pressure 0.25~0.45MPa
Separation Point 44~74μm
Bottom Shaker Hunter-D or Hunter-MG series
Vibration Mode Linear Motion or BEM
Motor Speed 1500rpm or 1800rpm
Overall Dimension 1650x1250x1900mm 2455×1850×2100mm
Remark 8"Cone=30~35m³/h,10"Cone=90~120m³/h.  It can be configured according to clients' demand

Main Features

  • 1. 100% Polyurethane(PU) Material for desander cones with longer using life.
  • 2. Clamp type for easy maintenance.
  • 3. Compact design with small footprint.
  • 4. Flexible options for 1 or 2,or 3 for different capacities.
  • 5. Flexible fast connection are available for user friendly assembly.
  • 6. Tangentially blended into the cone entry as a narrow rectangle to minimizes turbulence in the upper section of the cone, allowing the solids to move quickly to the cone wall.