The Hi-G drying shaker is specific shale shaker used in drilling waste management. It can dewater the waste or cuttings efficiently lead cost cut down also better preparation for further treatment. The dual tandem drying shaker is available upon clients demand.

Technical Parameters

Model Hunter-MG4-HG Hunter-D4-HG
Max Capacity 100t/h 100t/h
Screen Area 2.73M2 3.02M2
Screen Panel 4 4
Max G Force 8.0G 8.0G
Deck Angle Range -1 - +5° -1 - +5°
Dimension 3040x1670x1376mm 3455×1650×1500mm
Weight 1750KG 18800KG

 Main Features

  • High treating capacity Large screen area.
  • High vibration force up to 8.0 G which is adjustable depending on drilling cuttings.
  • Flexible adjustment on deck angle.
  • Fast change on shaker screen 4 screens panel for longer drying time and better drying performance.
  • High quality material with heat treatment on whole shaker basket.
  • Utilized anti-abrasion & anti-corrosion paint, and S.S fasteners.

Furthermore, we are proud to provide clients custom built service with different surface paint. Please contact us freely for your favorite shaker