Such system combined physical and chemical mean based on home and overseas sewage treatment. Set"integration is the creation" as rule and developed skid mounted movable sludge management unit. It is compact super audible and air floating unit Such unit is modular system, It's easy and convenient to set up at the job site even need adjustment. It's an ideal solution for wild project and sudden pollution process.


Model Capacity
Heating Skid quantity style Standard Temperature
Oil Water
QZHY5 5 Electricity
4 Skid/
Trailer mounted
70-90 Recycle Reuse
QZHY10 10 5 Skid/
trailer mounted
JZHY20 20   Handing center

Features and benefits

  1. Skid mounted or trailer mounted for convenient transportation
  2. Utilized PLC system for smart operation
  3. Lower cost but higher efficiency
  4. Construction handling center for higher capacity
  5. Water after processed can be reused in process unit without disposal
  6. Electricity, steam, oil all can be used in heating step
  7. After processed solids oil content is less than or equal 2% achieve reduction
  8. Containerized system with heat preservation
  9. Easy to operate and maintains. Only 2 people requested during operation
  10. Flexible hose with fast connector between system provide convenient installation