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CBM Mud Recycling System

Coal bed methan (CBM) mud recycling is design to recycling CBM drilling mud cuttings by shale shaker, desander and desilter A decanter centrifuge can be fix for separate solids particles 2 – 7 microns for reduce mud weight The size of CBM mud recycling system can be design and build as per jobsite demand The standard model for mud flow can be 200GPM, 500GPM, 800GPM, 1000GPM, 1500GPM

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CBM Mud Recycling System Working Procedure

  1. 1. Drilling mud from well hole will flow into shale shaker directly or through a set of submersible slurry pump into shale shaker. The shaker is a first phase mud recycling equipment for 200 to 400 micron drilling cuttings by shaker screen. The fluids enter into shale shaker will drop into sand trap tank and dry solids will discharge through shaker screen.
  2. 2. A set of centrifugal pump sit on tank skid will pick up drilling mud from sand trap and transfer mud into desander inlet. The treated mud after desander will over flow into desander compartment and solids particles discharge through desander nozzle.
  3. 3. A second set of centrifugal pump will pick up mud from desander tank compartment and transfer mud into desilter cone. The treated mud after desilter will over flow into desilter compartment and solids particles discharge through desilter nozzle.
  4. 4. A set of decanter centrifuge can be chosen as an top configuration for fine solids separation to reduce mud weight. There are different models of centrifuge for different solids separation and cost budget.
  5. 5. Mud tank size and pipeline arrangement depending on standard model chosen or build as per client request.

CBM Mud Recycling System Standard Option

Model APMR-200 APMR-350 APMR-500E APMR-500H APMR-1000
Mud Flow Capacity 200GPM 350GPM 500GPM 500GPM 1000GPM
Tank Volume 5.0㎡ 11.5㎡ 11.5㎡ 19.0㎡ 26.4㎡
Total Power 23.5Kw 54Kw 84Kw 125Kw 184Kw
Tank Size 4000×2200×1500mm 6000×2200×1800mm 6000×2200×1800mm 9500×2200×1800mm 11800×2200×1800mm
Screen Area 2.7㎡ 5.45㎡ 5.45㎡ 5.45㎡ 8.18㎡
Weight 5.6t 9.5t 10.0t 16.5t 18.0t
Dimention 4000×2500×2650mm 6000×2500×3350mm 6000×2500×3350mm 9500×2500×3450mm 11800×2500×3450mm

Key Points For CBM Mud Recycling System Design

  1. 1. Mud flow capacity will design as per mud pump mud flow, there is one thing need mention, mud flow for mud system can be depending on shaker screen mesh for cyclone size and quantity.
  2. 2. Mud tank size normally customized at various sizes, mud tank can be normally suit steel material size. For example, mud tank 1.8m high because tank wall 1.5m high, tank skid 0.2m high, square pipe on tank tip is 100mm size, so all these make tank height 1.8m. If tank skid H beam or tank wall height change, then mud tank height change.
  3. 3. Mud suction line arrangement allow mud can be suction from any tank compartment which storage of clean mud. Butterfly valve inside of tank can be choose water type, butterfly valve for connection between tank normally choose lug type for convenient and better suitable. Many manufactures will install all butterfly valve water type for save cost.
  4. 4. Many China supplier of mud tank may make tank top to be checker plate, but some client like grating tank top. Client can choose what they want for tank top while confirm technical specification.
  5. 5. Mud tank storage capacity will be decided by mud tank size as well as mud tank quantity.
  6. 6. Electrical standard need confirm because different user or Country may require different standard like IECEX, ATEX or others.
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