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HDD Mud Recycling System

HDD mud recycling system is design for Horizontal Directional Drilling ( HDD ) rig. Depending on drilling mud requirement, a HDD mud recycling system can including shale shaker, desander cyclone, desilter cyclone, decanter centrifuge, mud tank, mud agitator, mud gun, transfer pump, etc. The shaker screen mesh size will depending on a shaker performance for mud flow and drilling mud separation at different mud requirement.

hdd mud recycling system hdd mud recycling

HDD Mud Recycling System Working Procedure

  1. 1. There is a drill pit at each side of drilling hole, a set of vertical slurry pump will set on top of mud pit for feeding shale shaker. The shale shaker screen will separate drilling cuttings and discharge out, fluids part will drop into sand trap through screen hole.
  2. 2. 1 or 2 or 3 sets of desander cyclone sit after shale shaker, one set of centrifugal pump will feed desander cyclong for second phase separation, solids out of desander will be discharge to shaker screen or cutting box directly and fluids over flow from desander will flow into desander compartment.
  3. 3. A quantity of desilter cyclones will sit after desander for fine solids separation, solids out of desilter will discharge to shaker screen or cuttings box, fluids over from desilter will drop into desilter compartment.
  4. 4. A mixing pump sit on tank skid for drilling mud transfer and feed mud into mud hopper for new mud remix by new chemicals. The mixing hopper can sit on top of tank or tank skid as per client’s demand.

Model Options of HDD Mud Recycling System

Model APMR-200 APMR-350 APMR-500E APMR-500H APMR-1000
Mud Flow Capacity 200GPM 350GPM 500GPM 500GPM 1000GPM
Tank Volume 5.0㎡ 11.5㎡ 11.5㎡ 19.0㎡ 26.4㎡
Total Power 23.5Kw 54Kw 84Kw 125Kw 184Kw
Tank Size 4000×2200×1500mm 6000×2200×1800mm 6000×2200×1800mm 9500×2200×1800mm 11800×2200×1800mm
Screen Area 2.7㎡ 5.45㎡ 5.45㎡ 5.45㎡ 8.18㎡
Weight 5.6t 9.5t 10.0t 16.5t 18.0t
Dimention 4000×2500×2650mm 6000×2500×3350mm 6000×2500×3350mm 9500×2500×3450mm 11800×2500×3450mm

Features of HDD Mud Recycling System

  1. 1.Mud recycling and mud mixing included in AIPU standard model, the combination including complete line of mud recycling and mud mixing with suitable mud storage.
  2. 2.Compact design with minimum foot print. All equipments on tank top will sit on tank while local transport moving to allow fast moving and installation from jobsite to jobsite. Handrail and walkway can be folded on tank top or tank side with quick lock.
  3. 3.Composite material screen install on shale shaker to help for a better performance and longer screen working life. AIPU shaker screen build as per API RP 13C regulation to meet worldwide client’s requirement.
  4. 4.Mud tank each corner weld container standard lifting lug for lifting tank and lock tank on trailer.
  5. 5. Self clean mud tank or V type mud tank for easy cleaning, each mud tank compartment install clean gate with butterfly valve.
  6. mud tank size and pipeline arrangement can be customized depending on jobsite requirement.
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