AiPu Solids Control Equipment for 16TH CIPPE

We Aipu solids control equipment attended 16TH CIPPE during Mar.29~31. We brought Hunter-M4 high G linear motion shale shaker there. So many clients are interested in the shaker. Since the it can be also used as high drying shaker on drilling waste process. Glad to share our CIPPE information with you. 
Solids Control Equipment

High speed decanter centrifuge GLW355x1258 is another popular equipment at our booth. Its speed can be up to 3200rpm mainly process the drilling cuttings sized 2~5 microns or to recycle the barite. The high speed centrifuge can be designed as the variable frequency one. Some clients discussed with us on testing our centrifuge at their drilling rig. Detail may be confirmed these weeks.
High speed decanter centrifuge
Actually, during this CIPPE we found more and more clients are caring the drilling waste management. Such as waste / cuttings process on oil based mud and water based mud. They are more interested in “closed loop waste management”. In the future, most solids control supplier may focus on drilling waste equipment more and more. This is general tendency on whole oil and gas drilling also the target on saving our earth
drying shaker
We trust Aipu solids control equipment will provide better service and solutions to all customers. Not only for present products and service but also we’ll do more R&D work for future great service. Please do contact us freely if you have any interest or question.

The video information about aipu solid control equipment on 16th CIPPE