AiPu got API Q1 certificate.

Glad to share with you. Aipu now has got API Q1 certificate.
AiPu got API Q1 certificate.
After ISO, API RP13C Report, Aipu solids control is now API certified company. API short for American Petroleum Institute. API Q1 standard known as important qualification for enterprises in oil and gas industry all over the world
As professional solids control equipment for O&G drilling we are often requested to show the API Q1 certificate. Since many many tenders will set API certification as basic requirement. Under all staffs’ effort, API auditors’ guidance and strict requirement Aipu solids control finally is in conformance with API Q1 of design, manufacture and servicing of solids control equipment for oil and gas industry. We’ll keep going, and keep improving our product, service and management. Based on API standard we trust we’ll provide better solids control product to all customers.
Before, many clients are willing to purchase our products, such as the shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, even mud system. Regretted that time we had not got API Q1 certification. Now, we are more confident and so our customers are.
Now, if you have any demand on shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, etc. items please come to Aipu solids control. Especially before, you ever quit to select us as supplier just because of no API certification.