Mud cleaners delivery

2 sets mud cleaners are configured for domestic user. The capacity is up to 320m³/h. The bottom shaker is Hunter-M with linear motion vibration mode.

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Mud cleaner model: Hunter 320
Flow rate: 320m³/h
Desilter cones: 100x16
Desander cones: 250x3
Working pressure: 0.25~0.45MPa
Separation point/Cut point: 15~47 microns
Bottom shaker: Hunter-M
Shaker screen: 760x1100mm
Vibration mode: Linear
Vibrator motor: 1.94KW x 2
Weight: 2400kg

The shaker screens are steel framed for them. We also produce the composite shaker screen. Depends on clients' budget and preference

This customer ever bought us shale shaker, and mud mixing hoppers. They are satisfied with our product quality and performance. Pleased to serve our users satisfied. We trust these mud cleaners will make them pleased too
Mud cleaners delivery