Drilling fluids solids control system saving cost

Drilling fluids solids control system usually consist 4 phase. The shale shaker, desander, desilter, and centrifuge. We also call the solids control system as 5phases purification system, which is configured vacuum degasser behind shaker.

We all know the drilling fluids is important for whole well drilling and play rather key role during cost saving. Proper solids control will cut down much cost than we supposed, it will surprise you totally

Drilling fluids solids control system saving costIn well drillings, cost means energy, time, and money. So, an optimal configuration will definitely meet all cost decrease. We just finished a new proposal for ZJ70 rig. To saving clients' cost and also achieve the capacity, we proposed 5 sets of Hunter series shale shaker holding capacity 528GPM. All shakers will be fit on screens sized 270mesh. All shakers will be connected with flow divider connected to each feeder inlet. Then the whole capacity and separation performance will be achieved well. Upon higher requirements on solids removal, we can fit finer screen with 300 mesh or 325mesh

On the other hand, each shale shaker will request about 3.6kw power. Compared with mud cleaner two pumps consumption will be at least 110kw. The shakers request much less energy and less spare parts, less time on maintenance, and so on

Totally speaking, such configuration will be more competitive and cost efficient than common proposal. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any interest or question. We are very happy to answer your doubt.