Solids control shaker and mud cleaner order

Solids control shaker and mud cleaner are very common and popular equipment all over the globe. Shale shaker is vital for whole drilling fluid system even to whole well drilling. It is the first phase equipment to remove cuttings sized over 100 microns. The mud cleaner, it is constructed with desander cone, desilter cone, and the bottom shaker. We call it as 3 in 1, the 2nd and 3rd phase solids control device. 

Solids control shaker
This client is a trading company specialized in oilfield supply and services.They need shaker and cleaner to be delivered urgently. They selected us since the competitive price and the best delivery time. Presently, the market is nearly frozen, keep continuous competitive proposal at reasonable cost is the key and the best return to customers' trust

This shaker and mud cleaner both holding capacity 200m³/h. There are two 10" desander cones on mud cleaner, and the bottom shaker fitted with 4 panels of pre-tensioned shaker screen

We began producing them about 10 days ago. They are under processing and will be finished within this week. As client requested us to galvanize whole equipment. We'll keep you posted on the delivery. If you have further question, why not come to us now?