Pilling mud recycling shale shaker feedback

Pilling mud recycling is important for pilling project now. As we have more strict requirement on the environmental protection. The pilling fluid will be processed to recycle water and reuse the fluid. Almost the pilling is the civil construction project request very compact design under limit space

We provide this user a shaker mounted on tank and a hydrocyclone desander with bottom shaker set on tank. The capacity is 60m³/h, however, client will usually request about 40-50m³/h flow rate. Presently, their mud is not so complicated such configuration is effective enough. User expressed their satisfaction on our equipment. 
Pilling mud shaker

Now we are discussing with them on finer separation and most dewatering effect. They also have plan to configure one decanter centrifuge. Of course, we don't need the high speed but the low speed one will be ok. They will check our products performance in coming days continuously. If no problem, they will place another order on such shaker and hydrocyclone for other pilling mud recycling. Maybe, they will purchase centrifuge together with shaker and the hydrocyclone separators. 

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