Congratulations for Aipu Oilfield Services establishment

Aipu Oilfield Services Co., Ltd belong to Shaanxi Aipu Machinery (Aipu solids control). Just began all biz last month. The main activity is to pursue multi-discipline and integrated services and supply of products for Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, etc.
Congratulations for Aipu Oilfield Services establishment

Aipu Oilfield Services Business

Beijing Aipu Oilfield Services Co., Ltd (Short for Aipu Oilfield Services) mainly provide related services and product in oilfield. Based on Aipu solids control experience and the reputation we endeavor to provide the best, competitive products and services to our clients.

Main products are solids control equipment, solids control parts, shaker screen, waste management system, sludge treatment unit, cuttings dewatering, and so on in oil & gas drilling or other field os petroleum industry. Mainly the separation industry and solids removal can be served by Aipu oilfield services now.
Oilfield Services Solids control

Oilfield Services Equipment

Just as we talked, oilfield services consisting many different process. According to our clients' inquiry on our equipment we summarize them as below

1. Drilling mud process equipment, including the mud tanks, solids control shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge, mud tanks; and the fluids system consisting compounding, test, analyst, etc.
2. Drilling fluid waste management. All oil drilling will generate cuttings and waste fluids. This request contractor to process such items properly cater for environmental protection and conform to HSE. The waste management equipment including vertical cuttings dryer, Hi-G drying shaker, screw conveyor, centrifuge, tanks, and so on. According to different waste, there will be different configuration for whole management unit
3. Oil sludge treatment. The oil sludge waste contain large content oil with high viscosity, and adhesion force. So we need the desorption equipment, the chemical feeding unit, etc.

Come to Aipu oilfield services if you need

In short, we offer solids control, confinement and handling, recycling and recovery, treatment and disposal. No matter during oil and gas drilling what problem you are facing. Please come to us for optimal proposal.