Shale shaker and mud cleaner delivery after inspection

Below shale shaker and mud cleaner were processed by galvanization after welding. They will be delivered by sea soon. Aipu is always appreciated by clients since our competitive price, short lead time and timely delivery.

Shaker and cleaner information

This shaker model is Hunter-MG4 mounted with composite framed screen. The shaker got preference from user since the quick tensioning way of screen panel. To give users more convenience, bottom shaker of mud cleaner is Hunter-MG4 as well. Main features are as follow

Shale shaker
Model: Hunter-MG4
Shaker screen: 4 panels composite framed screen fit by wedge block
Screen area: about 2.72 ㎡
Flow rate: 140m³/h
Vibration strength: ≥6.5G
Surface finish: Galvanized
Shale shaker and mud cleaner

Mud cleaner
Model: Hunter 200
Cones: 16x4", 2x10"
Bottom shaker: Hunter-MG4
Flow rate: 200m³/h
Vibration strength: ≥6.5G
Surface finish: Galvanized

Delivery status of shaker and cleaner

We just finished the equipment last week our client requested to check the whole equipment appearance with even galvanization and confirm the delivery will be on time. After inspection, they are satisfied with whole equipment. Now we are waiting for their advice on delivery. Hopefully, they will be delivered to Xingang port within this week
mud cleaner and shaker

Mud cleaner and shaker operation&maintenance

This shale shaker and mud cleaner will be operated at oilfield solids control system. User requested the galvanization, although the appearance is not beautiful. They trust galvanization will make the whole equipment more durable and corrosion-resistant

For mud cleaner, we suggested clients utilize pump sized APSB8x6. This will supply sufficient drilling fluid under enough pressure to cyclones and get better separation result.

We also suggested some maintenance point on these equipments. For example, check the shaker screens regularly during operation. Make sure they are in good condition with no loose of screen panel.Clean the shaker deck completely after every operation to avoid any failure resulted from block

Aipu solids control provide both high quality products and circumspect service. Please contact us for any question.