HDD mud recycling system for Southeast Asian contractor

Just last week, we got an order on APMC50 HDD mud recycling system from a Southeast Asian HDD contractor.

General information on HDD mud recycling system

We all know HDD is a no dig or trenchless technology used in civil construction or public service. Including the piping connection underground, get materials transferred/set under the ground or river. To enhance HDD efficiency and get better performance during project almost HDD contractor will use the drilling mud or bentonite. The theory is similar as vertical well drillings.

This HDD mud recycling system holding flow rate is about 50m³/h. We suggested one shale shaker equipped with double deck. The upper deck will be fit with stainless steel shaker screen, while the down deck will be fit with polyurethane screen panel. Both deck screen will be tensioned by wedge blocks for easy installation and replace.

There is 3 desilter cones sized 4". The cones are high quality polyurethane appreciated by all clients. As the urethane hydrocyclone will give users long service life with high corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.
HDD mud recycling system

Main features on this HDD mud system

Client select Aipu solids control as our proposal is cost-efficient with short lead time. They are happy with our mud system features. Such as, it adopted patented automatically control on overflow-prevention. It is rather effective on liquid level control, will be fit on mud tank

The drilling mud after solids removed will contain water about 30% by weight. The vertical slurry pump request little space with compact structure. In mud tank, we also designed a middle compartment to store the drilling fluid discharged from cones as the trip tank or baffle tank. Especially, there is no enough drilling mud in settling tank 

Besides the function and great structure, our HDD mud recycling system is priced rather competitive. Compared with same quality and configuration, the price is the best one. Compared with other makes system at same price, the quality and configuration is rather high. 

HDD mud system delivery

Now, the mud system is under manufacture. Hopefully, it will be finished in 2 days. Later we'll send more picture of finish products for your reference.

We'll deliver the system to domestic port. The client will ship the system together with other products they ordered. Against delivery we'll keep you posted as well. For further question or any interest please contact us freely.