Drilling company visited Aipu for solids control equipment

Drilling solids control equipment including shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pumps, degassers, mud mixing pump, and so on

Drilling company information

This client is professional drilling company. They established over 30 years ago. We are so pleased to meet with them and we talked a lot of solids control technology. Such as the shale shaker, the decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pumps, the degassers. They also provide drilling services for many world big company, such as the SLB, the Weatherford, and so on

They are from Europe. Came to Aipu as they were happy to communicate with Aipu people in past days. We have contacted over 4 month. And after our meeting, they are more confident and happy on our cooperation
Drilling solids control equipment-clients visit

What they will order from us?

Including shale shaker, shaker screen, centrifugal pump, the poor boy degasser, and so on. We are proud they select us since our circumspect service and professional solution for all their demand. The shale shaker they prefer Hunter-D series with 4 panel screens. Both the corrugated one and the flat ones. The mud gas separator they will order the APMGS1000. The pumps will be the interchangeable ones with Magnum type

We talked a lot detail on payment term, delivery time, shipping way, etc. They were rather satisfied with our whole solutions. And now, we have great shipping way as multi-way shipment. Xi'an is the Silk Road beginning. The railway connected Asia and Europe. They are so happy we can provide shorter delivery time and complete shipment assistance

Future cooperation with the drilling company

Aipu is so glad to hear our clients will place order regularly. This is based on mutual trust and will benefit both in lasting time. This order is just trial order, they will place more and more orders in the future. As they have so much cooperated oil company and enjoyed great reputation locally

We trust, Aipu solids control will provide optimal solutions and best products to them also all other drilling company. Please find some picture as reference.  If you are willing to visit us just let me know.