Pilling mud system manufacture

Pilling mud system including mud tank, drying shaker, shaker mounted with hydrocyclones, pump, even decanter centrifuge, and so on.

General information of pilling mud system in production

This pilling mud system is produced for an overseas client. They do not only serve pilling project but also the HDD service company. Pilling mud system flow rate is about 60m³/h.  This pilling mud system is very compact design consisted with mud tank, shale shaker, hydrocyclone mounted on shaker, and feeding pump.

Why client selected us to produce such system? They viewed our former pilling mud system video at job site. And they are satisfied with our communication on technical question. Our proposal is rather compact with small foot print and price is cost-effective.
Pilling mud system

Main features of pilling mud system

Compact design with small foot print
High efficiency of separation/desanding
Low cost with high performance
Durable quality with little spare parts
Easy to handle and transfer
Convenient to operate and maintain

Pilling mud system application and benefits

It can not be only used to process pilling mud but also the trenchless or no dig mud. From the mud pit to shale shaker we use a submersible slurry pump as optimal equipment. The mud after processed by shaker will be pumped to hydrocyclone. Some clients will request desander, while other will prefer the desilter. 

All mud discharged from cyclones will be filtered again by bottom shaker as further drying process. Such mud system application will save much cost on mud, waste disposal, whole drilling cost, better effect on environment.

Now the pilling mud system is under production, it will be delivered in 2 weeks. For more details please contact us freely