Waste management auger feeders manufacture

We are pleased to share some little update of Aipu solids control. Just last month we got orders on the waste management auger feeder. The client ever ordered 2 sets of augers as trial order now they have placed 3 repeat orders to us

Waste management auger feeders description

The auger feeders are also referred to screw conveyor. In waste management the auger feeders will transfer sludge from collection box or pit to related equipment. Such as the cuttings dryer, the drying shaker, the storage box, and so on

Screw conveyors are too many types. Such as the horizontal type with 0°, the incline type with supporting legs, the almost vertical type, and so on. For the augers, we can select U base as the feeder channel or basin or just the rectangular one. The gear box are kindly suggest the helical type for better torque and performance with longer life.
 Waste management auger feeders

Special design for this client

Auger feeders for this client were designed with special requirements. Some of the augers will be fed at the top end, while some of them will be fed at center. Different design and configuration on scroll and blade but the capacity is 20~30t/h. The materials are Mn steel after heating process. Thus the conveyor will provide much longer service life with strong hardness, and higher abrasion-resistance.

Clients are very satisfied with our configuration and technical support so long time.  Presently, the conveyors are under manufacture. We expect to deliver them in 20 days. BTW, clients selected us since we do have provided them satisfied solution at cost-efficient price and proper lead time

Waste management screw conveyor use and selection

Besides drilling waste management, screw conveyor also can be used in oil sludge treatment or other waste management. But only issue to be emphasized is the motor and control panel. For oilfield or petroleum industry, please take explosion proof electrical parts as basic and key issue

Furthermore, during selection or design on the conveyor please take the fluids or material property in consideration. Different material may have different features to be noted especially. The capacity we need should be confirmed by total volume, planed finish date, and daily plan.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more detail.