Replacement shaker screens order

Replacement shaker screen comes from a regular client. This lot shaker screen quantity is about 500 panels. 

Replacement screens for different shaker

The screens are replacement for different model shale shaker. Such as the KC shale shaker, DP600 shaker,  and so on. We are very pleased, time to time, our client selected us for the shaker screens. This time, again, we have many competitors at client's end also the end user end.

Screens size are from API 50 to API 300. Many different makes different models. Cater for clients' urgency and ensure quality we may finish the goods in 3 weeks. Some of the screens will be shipped by air some by sea. 
Replacement shaker screens

Feedback of replacement shaker screen

Aipu is professional manufacturer of shaker screen replacement. We always face the question "any formal feedback on this shaker screen?"  We do have supplied large quantity of shaker screens around the world, both test sample and ordinary order have not been commented officially.

But, almost Aipu shaker screen clients are regular ones. They place repeat orders time to time we do think this is a strong evidence on our screen quality or feedback. Besides, we got some oral good feedback from our clients. They also express their appreciation on our screen quality and service level

We always treat clients' feedback as our improvement guidance and power. If you have any feedback of our screens even other suppliers we'll be very grateful. Aipu is a customer-oriented manufacturer. Please trust, we'll achieve higher and higher request.