Mud system holding 500m³ capacity proposal and design

Mud system for this client request about 500m³ capacity. Including the reserve tank, trip tank, suction and settling tank.

Different mud tank information and demand

The general information is it is full mud circuit, including the suction system, mixing system, and all tanks in drilling mud solids control. The tanks should be adaptable for 2.4kg/l mud. All mud tanks will be typical oil skid type. For stable performance and longer service life, we suggest the tank wall thicks 8mm, and bottom thicks 10mm.

There are totally 5 reserve tanks holding the capacity up to 350m³ fluid. There will be mud decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mixing and spare pump mounted on tank skid for good storage function. The suction and settling tank will be fit with shale shaker, mud cleaner, and centrifugal pumps. 

We totally proposed 7 tanks and complete line mud process equipment. Then the mud gas separator will be mounted together with small trip tank on the same skid.
Mud system decanter centrifuge

Accessories detail on mud system

Assure complete mud system performance and quality, the accessories and parts are other important issues to consider. From the tank floor, guardrails, to the valves, pipeline connections, and so on. We provide a complete detail design with best connection, convenient installation and so on

Such as the suction line, the mixing discharge line, the water and air line, etc. The flanges, the valves, the dresser sleeve and so on. The complete proposal will be finished soon.

Other requirements and demand

We know, the tanks are used to hold drilling fluid, which is always under wet condition even with corrosion risk. The complete good painting and anti-corrosion work will be helping much. We always do the pain after twice sand blasting. Then 2 layers primary, 2 layers intermediate, and 2 layers topcoat. Totally the paint thicks 300-360 microns.

Furthermore, we focus on international market with high quality products, all the plate will be clearly marked with detail information in English. Complete mud system request professional engineer and manufacturer to design and fabricate. Please trust Aipu solids control will be able to give you satisfied proposal.