Oil sludge treatment equipment produce

Oil sludge treatment equipment is more and more popular. Just last week we got a new order on the oil sludge treatment equipment. Including the auger feeders, drying shaker, and mud agitator.

Oil sludge double deck drying shaker

This high G drying shaker is customized one with double deck. The capacity is about 150m³/h. The main feature is the performance with high G and more dry discharge. The vibrator motor is up to 2.2kw with 7.5-8.0G vibration strength. Shaker screen for it is the wedge blocked one with convenient installation, etc. Why client selected us? Yes, the high cost-efficiency solution, the delivery time cater for urgency
Oil sludge treatment equipment

The screw conveyors

Besides the conveyors for this sludge treatment, they also ordered conveyors for other project they operated. Screw conveyors longs 3~12m. Auger feeders are used to transfer the waste or cuttings. Maybe from cutting box to shaker, from shaker discharge to cuttings dryer, from the cuttings dryer to collection box, and so on

The mud agitator in oil sludge treatment

Mud agitators will be used on chemical tank and the sludge waste material. We know the agitator will help keep materials property and without sediment. During whole oil sludge treatment, agitators will mix oil sludge for better process effect and enhance chemicals performance when process the sludge.

We kindly suggest the mud agitators be designed as vertical type with the helical gear box and stainless steel shaft & impeller. This will definitely lead better quality and performance for whole oil sludge treatment.

Please contact Aipu solids control for more detail.