HDD solids control orders after no dig show

Congratulations to Aipu solids control! We are gonna get orders on HDD solids control system. Thanks to No dig show is subsequently after PETRO TECH in December. We met many rig manufacturers and agents in India. Most of them expressed willings to cooperate with us
HDD solids control no dig show

During this No dig show, Aipu communicated with many HDD rig factory and agent. We talked the cooperation detail, technique question,and so on. They were pleased to know Aipu deeper after our presentation with full sincerity. All customers are interested in Aipu products. They were confident with Aipu solids control.

Why Aipu is so welcome? Compared with local suppliers, Aipu products are more attractive, and the design is outstanding with practicability. While compared with American and other overseas brand, Aipu solids control is more competitive with high cost-efficiency. In short, they thought Aipu is the ideal selection for them

At exhibition, we met Vermeer, Goodeng, DWTXS, and so on famous HDD rig manufacturers. They were happy with Aipu professional answers on specific questions. They expressed confidence on cooperation with Aipu for better serving end users
HDD solids control - no dig show

After talking to customers, we found the integrated and compact HDD solids control system is more popular. Such as set shale shaker, cleaner, pump on one tank. Treat the mud cleaning system as a modular or integrative equipment. Such design will be more convenient on handling/transportation. And it is adaptable for various job site. Moreover, it is more economic.

By now, we've submitted 5 proposals to different customers. Including 400GPM mud cleaning system, economical 500GPM mud recycling system, the 600GPM HDD solids control system. They are happy with our solution and price. All quoted items will be ordered by end of March in 2017

Aipu solids control knew more new customer at this show. We know better on customers' practical demand. High cost-efficiency solution will be provided by Aipu constantly. If you do have demand on HDD solids control, please contact us now. Earlier inquiry will help you get necessary equipment sooner